Poison Dwarf Regular

Poison Dwarf was bred to give excellent yielding possibilities while staying short in height. Poison Dwarf is a reliable strain with its mix of Northern Lights #2 and the exotic Mexican Ruderalis with great resin production. Poison Dwarf is an excellent strain that packs a punch with its high poisonous potency, an excellent variety for taste and a fantastic high.

Quicksilver Feminized

Quicksilver is named for her autoflowering capabilities and her unreal tight glistening resin crystals that cover her well formed perfect buds, which are like a layer of pure silver. Quicksilver has great advantages for growing indoors and out due to her being auto-flowering, she will start to flower according to her age rather than the give light cycle. Quicksilver normally begins flowering around 6 to 8 weeks. Not to be confused, Quicksilver does not qualify as a dwarf cannabis strain, however she will never grow out of control!